"Musée de France"

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The Anjou Wine and Vine Museum is a "Musée de France".


Thanks to this classification - implemented by a law voted on January 4th, 2002 - The museum is now recognized by the State and its missions are now clearly defined :


Any permanent collection, that preserves and displays goods for the general public and that is organized to infor, educate and entertain peoplen is considered as a museum. (1st article).

These museum have four different missions to fulfill :


- to preserve, restore, study and enrich their collections;

- to make its collections accessible to a wide audience; 

- to offer educationnal projects, assuring everyone's to have equal access to culture; 

- to contribute to bette knowledge and research and the transmission of those (2nd article).


The collections of these museums are inalienable.


Goods (of the museums' collections) that belong to a public person are part of public ownership and are inalienable (11th article).