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Works ant tools since the phylloxera crisis

This work presents a part of the museum's collections and retraces the evollution of the Anjou's vine-growing sector since the phylloxera crisis at the end of the 19th century.

  • 164 pages
  • 250 colour photos

Price : 11.80€ + postage

60 years of wine growing in Anjou Saumur

The exhibition catalogue


In this exhibition, visitors learn about the evolution of wine-growing since 1940.

  • Special issue (11-12) of the "Museum's Letter"
  • 12 pages including all the texts and photos of the exhibition

Price = 3€ + postage

Vine and mankind, a love story !

The exhibition catalogue :

  • 16 pages of illustrations with 4 colours
  • the whole exhibition texts
  • a selection of photos
  • documents on the botanical aspect of the vine and its evolution dues to the mankind's influence.


Price : 3€ + postage

"La lettre du Musée"

It-s a half-yearly giving more detailed information on a winegrowing topic and to inform about Museum's searches.


All the Museum's Letter are sold in the Museum's shop.


If you want to receive each Letter, you can become a member of the association (17€ in 2014).