The collections

The collections in our Museum are mainly composed of equipement donated by wines growers or by people with a wine-growing background from 1978 onwards. They have been completed by purchases or deposits.


Today, 10,000 objects, tools and documents (photos, posters, postcards, graphs, audio recordings...) are in the collections with are displayed or stored. All are being studied. It means 275 donors.

Three diffrent aspects contribute to the coherence for these collections :


- a precise territorial context : the wine region in Anjou-Saumur.

- a specific chronology : from the phylloxera crisis ( in the 1880s) to the development of mechanized wine farming (in the 1970s). 

- an ethnological approach in the collections displayed (in the style of an "art and popular traditions" museum).


During the visit, you can discover 4 different topics :


- works in the vineyard

- wine making 

- wine press

- barrel-making