The different rooms

About the vineyard
About the vineyard

The vineyard room : it shows the evolution of a wine growing techniques since the phylloxera crisis. You will learn everything about grafting, planting vines, winter, spring and summer works...


The wine room : it illustrates the harvesting tools, lean about wine making, the different methods to clarify wine, bootling and distilling by-products.


The "terroir" room : conceived in collaboration with "Terres de Sciences" and INRA (National Institute for Agronomic Research), this display presents the different types of soil in Anjou and Saumur regions.


The Museum's wine collection : a collection of full bottles from the 19th century to nowadays, offered by wine growers, from Anjou-Saumur or people with a wine growing background.


The cooperage room : in this room, it shows the different steps of traditional barrel making. From the log of wood to the drilling of the bung hole..., you will discover all about barrel-maker's job.


The wine-press yard - The wine-pressing techniques's evolution is explained in this 400 square-meter yard :

- the level wine press(19th century)
- the ratchet press (end of the 19th century)
- the rectangular Vaslin wine press (second part of the 19th century)
- the 1946 rotating Vaslin wine press


60 years of vine-growing in Anjou-Saumur area - What has happened since the Second World War ? Thanks to integration of this exhibition into the museum visit at every stage, a direct confrontation is possible with the objects and tools of the collection. (french textes only)

The exhibition room : "Vine and Manking", a playful and entertaining exhibition for any kind of visitor. (french texts only)